Some of the testimonials and Facebook reviews we have received

Date: 19 April 2017 at 1:17:44 pm AEST
To: Kennels <
Subject: Feedback on obedience course

Dear Adrian and Leonie


I just wanted to write to say an enormous THANK YOU for the wonderful obedience training you did with our 10-month-old German Shepherd Nala.

When we brought Nala to you she was very disobedient, pulling on the lead terribly during walks, barking incessantly in our backyard, jumping up on visitors and barking madly at other dogs. We had tried a number of other training programs before coming to you with no success and were extremely stressed out trying to train and manage Nala’s behaviour.

From the day we picked her up after her two weeks of training at Whispering Pines she has been a completely different dog. She is still hugely affectionate and loving towards people but all those bad behaviours have disappeared. Three months after coming home she still walks perfectly on the lead, ignores other dogs, doesn’t bark in the yard or jump up on visitors and most importantly listens to everything we tell her to do. Sit, stay, drop are a piece of cake and our seven-year old is particularly delighted that you taught her how to shake!

The transformation is just extraordinary. Far from causing us stress, Nala is now a source of absolute joy for my husband and I and our two children and we can take her with us to so many more places and do so many more things with her than we ever thought possible.

Thank you so very much for everything you did, we will be forever grateful for your expert assistance and Nala is looking forward to coming back to visit and seeing you both soon!

Very best wishes,

Fiona and Simon





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01 November 2016 – Text from another satisfied client, Kristy for Obedience training thier furbaby Micro a German Sheperd;

Kristy and I can’t thank you enough for the care and training of Micro we have been continuing the training with her and she is so good and easier to handle. We have 2 cats she previously wanted to kill and now they have been able to be put together without any issues. Thak you again and we will be bringing MIcro back for you to care for her in the future.



From: Dani …removed for privacy

Date: 18 February 2013 7:49:21 PM AEDT
To: <kennels@whisperingpines.net.au>
Subject: RE: How wonderful you were/are

Dear Leonie and Adrian,

You probably won’t remember me, but after over 10 years, I can finally tell you how wonderful you are. (A friend of mine works for Pups4fun, and they have your link on their website)

My dogs boarded with you a few times in the early 2000′s and Albie (you called her Mrs Mangles) did your 2 week training camp.

I first turned up with my dogs, Buster (a rambunctious Boxer) and Albie (a Great Dane X) in 2001, I think. You had been recommended to me by a friend. My dogs were coming to board with you as I was off to Qld. I arrived from Canberra in my little redhatch back car, with Buster (Boo) on the front seat and Albie stretched out on the back seat. Leonie met me, I got Boo out and Leonie held him, then I got Albie out and Leonie held her, I opened the hatch to take out their coats and toys and looked up to find Leonie peering into the car and then peering into the boot. I asked you if everything was OK and you said that you were waiting for the elephant to come out, as the car seemed like a Tardis to disgorge such big animals. I liked you straight away.

I picked my dogs up after two weeks, and they were very happy and very healthy. Came home and they weren’t traumatised at all about being away. It was the first time they had been at boarding kennels. What I remember most is that I called a few times while I was away, being an anxious owner obviously, and whether I got Leonie or Adrian, you always reassured me that my dogs were fine, that I wasn’t being anxious and that you were happy to hear from me, which was lovely, I knew my dogs were in good hands. (Actually Adrian, you would go and get Leonie, as you knew we would had have a chat!) They stayed with you a couple of times and were always happy, happy to come home, but happy about where they’d been.

Albie had fear aggression, I sent her to you guys for the 2 weeks obedience camp. I remember when I turned up to pick her up, you were both so excited as to how well she had done, how different she was. I watched as you showed me how she ignored other dogs and was calm around them, then I walked into the yard, and Albie went ballistic. Adrian, you got her back under control, and then spent time with me as to how I needed to deal with her, your advice and knowledge were brilliant, as you told me, Albie’s problem was me and there was nothing you could do about it, which was true. You guys had the potential to try and milk more money out of me, but you were honest and to the point, and I appreciated that. Yes, Albie’s problem was me, her fear aggression was based around me, but what you then taught me about how to deal with her was priceless. Thank you for your honesty. (Adrian, I’ve always hoped that Albie didn’t do your back in)

I took everything on board about what you had said about Albie, and spent a lot of  time doing the training that you had advised/showed me to do, and it did make a difference. Unfortunately, looking back now, poor old Albie also had physical problems. I had to have her euthanised in 2004 because of her hip and joint problems. She was only four, but, there was nothing else I could do, she couldn’t walk up a step without being in pain. Boo lasted until 2007, he was eight which isn’t bad innings for a Boxer, and had a brain aneurism,  but I do still miss him.

After Albie went ballistic, your website shut down, so I lost track of you. Buster had stayed at another kennel, they loved him, but he never came home as happy as he had with you. So glad to see your prices are still incredibly reasonable. I now have two other dogs, both rescues, both good. I am so glad I can recommend you again to people who ask if I know of a good kennel!

I will look you up if I need to kennel them. By the way, your horses are gorgeous!

Dani …removed for privacy

From: email removed for privacy
Sent: Friday, 2 December 2011 7:48 AM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Naomi


Dear Leonie and Adrian


I thought I give you a report on Naomi as I cannot believe how good she is and I am sure you would like to know how your clients and their dogs are doing, credit has to be given where it is due, I am very grateful for your expertise in helping me to develop a healthy relationship with my girl.


We are walking late evenings at present as it is the only time we can,  Naomi passed many dogs barking at her from one corner of the yard to the other, back and forwards, she first gives a bark if we are surprised by a dog then I say “NO” and she keeps walking next to me without a sound, this has happened all week  and what a good dog she is.


Now I still have to achieve the same with people, unfortunately we do not meet any on our walks to put her to the test or teach her.


Hope you are both well and no doubt Diesel has doubled his size already


With kind regards



From: email removed for privacy
Sent: Monday, 12 September 2011 8:34 AM
To: ‘Adrian & Leonie Boehme’
Subject: RE: Dog Training Friday 9 September

Good morning Leonie and Adrian

I am delighted to advise that your training has brought about a dramatic change in Frankie’s behaviour and obedience. Since Friday Janelle and I have both walked him individually on our regular walk routes and for the first time we are able to manage him when he  approaches past trouble spots where fenced dogs’ barking would get Frankie into such a frenzy that all control was lost. He is also handling face to face encounters with other walked dogs much better.

As we mentioned, we have been trying to find a solution to Frankie’s behaviour for nearly 12 months and we are amazed that you managed to get through to him (and us) in only one lesson. We are so happy; thank you.

We are hoping to take a 2 week holiday in mid November and could think of nowhere better for Frankie to be boarded; will contact you about a booking when actual dates are known.

Regards, Bill & Janelle



From: email removed for privacy
Sent: Thursday, 30 June 2011 7:33 AM
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Subject: Testimony

Dear Adrian and Leonie,

I am very grateful for your help concerning my German Shepherds, after months of going to private trainers and obedience schools each having a different explanation or cause for my dog’s behaviour, and being told to use different leads, collars, halters even clickers ( none of which made any improvement), I discovered Whispering Pines.

From the first meeting my dog “Naomi” was responding to Adrian’s expertise, I was also shown by Adrian and Leonie the skills to manage my dog, I was speechless how quickly Naomi learnt to acquire respect and to obey the commands.

I highly recommend Adrian and Leonie Boehme, if only I had found them a year earlier so much heartache and frustration would have been avoided.

With kind regards